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Video on YouTube

you can download it again, the fix is here c:

The game is currently not downloadable because 1.2.0 broke the whole game. Expect a fix in the next 30 minutes


davey's the homie

Cool little game

Make more >:3

What a great game. I enjoyed every second of it from what I played, it was nice going through it and the writing was great!

The message is definitely deeper than what it looks like on the surface but was still refreshing to go through after playing a lot of traditional horror games!

On the side that may need to be addressed;

- In front of the VIP door there are both spirits in one, not sure if that was intentional

- A options menu would have been nice

your first issue should be fixed in the newest version. if not ill look at it

This was a great game. While I only played on the surface level, I really enjoyed it. The comedy was funny, but it didn't take away from the greater message and vibe of the game. If I have one problem with the game, it would the lack of a settings menu to change the graphic quality. My potato computer had some difficulty running it. Well done.

I cannot die! I have no time to die! (Gameplay at 2:55)

Nobody's mentioning the ARG??????

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the arg has like 5 steps, my friend solved the first 2, but i gave him a zillion tips

This game is deeper than I thought, well done! Btw, is it possible to unlock more doors there? And is there really a closet with the mom? 



This was more of a peaceful game than I thought and I loved it. I didn't expect spirits to say "sup" and "yo" was so funny. Thanks for this original beyond-death game.

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I like it but what if i said no ?(i know it ) 

Nice game, really well put together and quite original.  I love the way the little souls speak to us and the whole idea of existing because of memories.  

Thanks for the video!

Thought  I would let you know your sound is pretty low compared to others which was irritating for me, but appreciate the video as I couldn't play the game myself at the moment :)

Thanks for the feedback.  When you say sound is low, do you mean mic, game or both?   

About the game, I feel there is a lot more to discover than in my playthrough.  I hope you get a chance to play he game soon, maybe you can find the things I have missed.  

Both are on quiet.

Thanks! I will check it out myself

Thanks.  Could I ask you please to check out another video I uploaded earlier today and comment on the volume levels?  I feel it's on par with other people but would appreciate your feedback.  If you look at my channel and the game is called "Afternoon Spaghetti".  You only need to check out the first 5 seconds, don't torture yourself with the rest of the video :P    

I think it might be disrespectful if I paste a link to another game in someone else's game thread.

I loved playing your game, and I want to see more content from you in the future!

Also, I really want to figure out the secrets of the image! I can't figure it out though, unfortunately.

Very interesting experience!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

solid game

Enjoyed this one, although I'm sure I missed some things.


damn... another 3 scary games, damn aight YOU JUST DIED, very good game, loved the Rick Astley throwback, nice little touch but ngl if you wanna see some scottish commentary on some horror games then come on by!

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Thanks c: Delte C\CheesyUserData\rememberdavey.txt

Deleted 172 days ago

YOO THIS WAS GREAT! also, adore the stanley parable and beginners guide references, nobody else seemed to see those here lol :)

i didnt even get those references lol but the two games mean a lot two me so maybe my subconcious did some crazy stuff

oh woah rly? i thought they were intentional omg, thats so cool (like how the main character is named davey, the style where u can read what they say is simular to the game made to seem online in the beginners guide, and one of them mentions the broom closet too!) i adore ur work tho this game was so comforting in a way

OMG right I think when I was first coding back in february I was actually thinking of the online game when I saw it

cool little game 

i really liked the concept and i appreciate the rick astley section really made me fell like home 

This game had a weird concept to it. And I enjoyed the little surprised at the end. I felt like the game was a bit unfinished though. Inside the buildings felt very empty. 

the whole point of the levels was for them to be empty


did i really die ? bcuz im afraid that dying is cringe and poeple are gonna complain on twitter calling u bozo and ratio and u cant revenge by leaking theyre ip adresses or punching them in the balls ):

get backroomed 🛖

I like the vibe in your game. It's simple but it's work great. Can't wait to see another project 

Thank you

This game made my brain hurt :) Good game!

If my afterlife was like this I wouldn't mind.
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Comments below clip;

For a first game, this is nothing but stellar. The idea, the concept and the execution tell me that you've a lot up ahead of you [in making games]. I really enjoyed everything about it, so you get a 5 star rating from me.

Kudos to all involved and thank you  for making this game. Very much appreciated.

I just noticed you asked for specs;

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 21996) (21996.co_release.210529-1541)

Language: English (Regional Setting: English)

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor  -  (12 CPUs), ~3.6GHz


Memory: 32768MB RAM

The game ran smooth like  a baby :o]

Thank you so much for the kind words c:

This was weird, funky, but really cool! I like the idea that you presented with this afterlife, but I didn't expect to be called out with my name like that haha! Great game!

Thanks :D

You're welcome! 😁

Great game. My first play didn't capture but I'm glad I replayed a few days later (second time was just as fresh), as this time I entered the VIP room and was glad to see the game remembered how I finished it the first time. Goes with the theme and I'm glad Davey was remembered. I liked your backstage area too, it's nice to be rewarded for jumping off the prescribed map, something I do all the time. Thanks for creating, enjoyed :)

Tysm! :D

Okay when he knew my name i got scared..

good game

Really good game, very interesting and well designed. Good job!

watchin rn, thanks c:



wow,  grate game! the end was amazing lol. how did you know my name too lmao. gud game


all good

thx c:



Amazing game. Loved the premise. Really cool VIP Lounge addition.

Thanks ;)

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